Wye Ruin It?
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Stop The Bypass!

This is the ‘Bypass’ which is not a bypass. It is an urban extension road that will facilitate the building of 6,500 houses on a flood plain, west of the city, inducing an extra 45,500 car journeys in the city every day!

It will facilitate motorway traffic to travel from the M4 and M5, clogging up roads around Ross on Wye, Leominster, Ludlow and Shrewsbury even more.

Pollution from the prevailing westerly wind will blow into the lungs of everyone in the city of Hereford.

The water supplying the two main industries in Hereford will be threatened and so these industries, our two main employers, may move.

And let’s not forget the destruction of our amazing local environment. Biodiversity will be lost forever.

There is already a viable road to take through traffic away from the city. it is called the A417. It is structured well enough for HGVs, has only two sets of traffic lights and is only 0.8miles longer. Herefordshire Council has ignored this option.

Hereford desperately a solution to congestion, which is mainly caused by private cars with one person in each doing a 2-3 mile journey within the city. The only way to ensure that we get the right solution is to vote for a candidate who listens to us in the coming election on May 2nd. Please look carefully at each candidate’s track record and vote for the right person, not just the one you have always voted for. Demand Smart Transport NOW!

If you want to know more about who might help the people of Herefordshire get the best solutions, you can email us and we will let you know as soon as we do: info@wyeruinit.org or send us a message via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


The Hereford Bypass will increase:

  • A49 Traffic across the county

  • Congestion in Hereford City

  • Council Tax

The Hereford Bypass, also referred to as the Western Relief Road (WRR) by Herefordshire County Council, is a proposed road and high level river crossing through the green lung of Hereford. At best, it will relieve only 15% of traffic in the city. However, the planned housing and diverted motorway traffic that goes alongside it means that traffic into Hereford will actually increase.

This is not a Bypass! This is not the answer to congestion in Hereford! This will drastically increase A49 traffic!

The combined developments are a severe threat to human health, local industry, and our environment from Leominster to Ross on Wye.

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