Wye Ruin It?




How long more will we have to put up with roadworks? 

We've all been putting up with the roadworks from the city link road. Then there's the Southern Link Road to come. What chaos is that going to cause?

If the council decides to install proper broadband, or there's a gas leak, or a power cable to be fixed, that's bad enough. 

We all know the number of potholes that need filling and whole sections of roads that need repairing. 

So, nothing but closures ahead anyway. But, if the Bypass goes ahead, we can expect around 10 more years of serious closures and disruption to the South, West and North of the city.

And if that wasn't bad enough, we can also expect more traffic coming our way because of the M5 roadworks closures at Birmingham. 

Might as well work from home, school the kids at home, and grow your own vegetables. Maybe that's the council's vision? Oh, hang on, the broadband wouldn't cope!