Wye Ruin It?


Bypass Information event. Talk to an expert. See Maps. Find out what you can do to stop the Bypass so we can have reduced traffic, improved business and better quality of life.

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Time to Protest!

The Scrutiny Committee is meeting on July 18th essentially to ratify the decision of Herefordshire Council to destroy our environment, ensure long term health problems for our children, and spend a wreckless amount of money on a project that will INCREASE city CONGESTION!

We know they have not done their homework and will not look at the full facts or the viable alternatives.

We know they will not have the guts to insist on SMART TRANSPORT NOW!

Public Opposition is the biggest threat to the Bypass.


Let’s help them STOP THE BYPASS!

Venue: Shire Hall, Hereford

Date: July 18th 2018

Time: 9am

Placards are available from us at Breinton Fete, Breinton House, Lower Breinton from 2-5pm on Sunday July 8th or contact us via info@wyeruinit.org. We will bring extra with us in any case.

Why not make your own placard and let them know some of the excellent reasons why they should Stop the Bypass NOW!

And don't forget to:

  1. Email Councillor Price at pprice@herefordshire.gov.uk and tell him you are against the Bypass. Apparently he hasn't heard from anyone opposing it yet!
  2. Sign our Petitionhttps://www.change.org/p/petitions-herefordshire-gov-uk-stop-hereford-council-s-bypass-cf06222d-09b5-46a9-bdde-e93db7731b47

We are the public and we oppose the Bypass. Our stats show just how many people across the county are against this. Let’s show them who we are!

Earlier Event: July 8
Breinton Fete