Wye Ruin It?
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Stop The Bypass!


The Hereford Bypass will increase:

  • A49 Traffic across the county

  • Congestion in Hereford City

  • Council Tax

The Hereford Bypass, also referred to as the Western Relief Road (WRR) by Herefordshire County Council, is a proposed road and high level river crossing through the green lung of Hereford. At best, it will relieve only 15% of traffic in the city. However, the planned housing and diverted motorway traffic that goes alongside it means that traffic into Hereford will actually increase.

This is not a Bypass! This is not the answer to congestion in Hereford! This will drastically increase A49 traffic!

The combined developments are a severe threat to human health, local industry, and our environment from Leominster to Ross on Wye.

Quick ways you can make a difference

1. Write an email/letter

2. Attend an information event

3. Put up a poster:

4. Hand out flyers

6. Share Wye Ruin It? with your friends:



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Council overspend HT Aug 2017