Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


1 Year in today and the fight is on!

Wye Ruin It? launched it’s campaign against the Hereford Bypass on August 4th 2017. Our campaign came about as a result of a packed out meeting in Breinton village hall where people came from all over Hereford to find out about the proposed plans and protest against them. Around a dozen of us got together and formed the campaign. Today we have a core team of over 25, all of whom have significant expertise in transport and town planning and relevant areas. On top of that we have over 600 members and a regular following of over 5,000 people a week. Our membership comes from all over the county.

To mark our first anniversary we had a Riverside Walk to the Bypass Route today which ended at the Fields in Trust at Warham House, in Breinton. The walk was lead by members of our campaign team and was well attended by so many people who are incensed by this proposal.  The people of this county are beginning to realise that this is a national scandal. They support our campaign because they want to keep our priceless green space and they know that smart transport solutions can be implemented much faster, at a much lesser cost and with actual reduction to congestion, pollution and ill health. Our supporters understand that this Bypass will make congestion worse and will cost health, lives and the economy dearly, as well as completely destroying our incredible landscape.

Today, we encouraged people to sign our petition and to take up some role in fighting this campaign with us. A little time from each person using whatever skills or ability they have, goes a really long way to achieve the mammoth task of defeating those people who value their own profits over the lives of the people of this county and their country.

Tomorrow is our AGM at De Koffee Pot, Hereford, 6pm. Join us if you can. Tell us what you can do. We need everyone’s support, however little it might seem. It all adds up.

If you can't come along, why not just get one more person to sign the petition?

Or chip in to help get the word out?

Thanks everyone, and a very special thanks to those people who have worked really hard over the past year to launch this campaign and make sure that it can succeed.

We know we can win.  With all your help, we have a truly amazing team!

Patricia Ronan