Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Bill Wiggin has changed his tune: Time for Action!

Bill Wiggin MP has changed his tune. In his latest newsletter he says Herefordshire Council shared six possible bypass routes but he suggested they pick two for public consultation.

Turns out he is not oposed to this ill conceived scheme. He was clearly misleading us before the election. 

Wiggin is showing his true colours in supporting the bypass so this must be emphasised in letters to the local and national press.

Secondly you need to set the agenda instead of waiting for the next blow.

You must write to council to include items for debate such as

The inadequate options analysis for the South Wye Transport Package SWTP, check your email we sent you 40 questions for the next cabinet meeting 16 November.

The last study of a mass transit system for the city that would relieve congestion is over 15 years out of date. That is completely unacceptable given new advances in technology.

The inadequate analysis of options for housing development focused mainly on flood plains. We will send you the detailed objections to Three Elms on request.

The bias public consultation conducted by interested parties with conflicts of interests and its unpublished results leaking out.

The inadequate estimation and lack of a full costing analysis and most importantly the lack of A49 traffic analysis including M5 motorway relief.

The lack of openess on cronic, incurable health issues that this road through housing estates up wind of the city will cause for generations .

If any of you would like to publish blogs on Wye Ruin It?, now is your opportunity.

This campaign needs you to succeed!

Patricia Ronan