Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Bad things happen when good people say nothing

Two Important Meetings To Attend

Please be aware that compulsory purchase orders for land along the route of the Southern Link Road will be decided at a meeting of Herefordshire Council Cabinet
Thursday 16 November at 2pm. 

Herefordshire Council claim that the Southern Link Road is supposedly the “1st stage of the Hereford bypass” even though it should be a “stand alone project” according to the Dept for Transport.

We have reviewed and prepared 40 questions on the options considered for the SWTP development for the public forum. It is only a guide and remember, just one question each or two if you attend in person. See https://www.wyeruinit.org/news/2017/10/30/dont-think-somebody-else-will-win-this-battle-for-you-one-question-one-date

On 14th December 2017 Herefordshire Council will “consider feedback to HTP (Hereford Transport Package) Phase 1 consultation and confirm scope of Phase 2 Options consultations” 

This means that options for the Western Relief Road will be decided at this meeting.

If we are to stop this senseless road building programme people need to attend these meetings and make their feelings known. 
It is up to you...............

Patricia Ronan