Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


The Bypass will increase levels of cancer in the city!

It's official, road traffic pollution gives you cancer. Herefordshire Council is promoting toxic growth. When it should be building pollution free transport for cities for a better world.
The bypass will not work. It will increase through traffic and fails to address local congestion. 
Building 6,500 new houses in the plumes of the bypass is a fatal flaw. 
Herefordshire Council must change its flawed Core Strategy and get better indemnity insurance for its officers. The next big collective legal action, like the cases against cigarette producers, will be against local authorities that failed to address growing pollution by increasing road congestion.

Healthcare costs will rise.
Legal cost will rocket.
Taxes will rocket too.

14 December 2pm come and tell them what you think at the Shire hall Hereford.

Send them a question about this issue.

At the moment it is unclear whether NO2 could directly cause cancer. With increasing NO2 concentration the risk of lung cancer also appears to increase, but unlike PM 2.5 it’s not clear how NO2 in itself could be increasing cancer risk. It is possible that NO2, which is mainly given off by road transport, is a marker of other pollutants also given off by vehicles, and that it is these that increase the risk of cancer.

Air pollution isn’t only linked to lung cancer, there is also good evidence that it can increase the risk of other diseases, mainly respiratory diseases and heart disease.

Cancer Research UK wants to see Government and local authorities working together to develop a comprehensive strategy to reduce air pollution to protect people’s health.

#wyeruinit #stopherefordbypass


Air pollution linked to kidney, bladder and bowel cancer

Pollution has been linked to lung cancer but little was known about other types. Now a Barcelona Institute of Global Health study shows it raises the risk of dying from kidney or bladder cancer by 15%.


Patricia Ronan