Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


URGENT - National consultation on Smart Mass Transport solutions - closes 22nd December!

Dear Wye Ruin It? Campaigners

Hereford City is suffering from poor transport planning building new roads at any cost and no public mass transit.

City Congestion will get worse if the current plans are followed.

The bypass plans would be scrapped if modern transport solutions were employed. 

Now we have an opportunity to influence Government by providing written submissions to a select committee.

Please follow the link below to contribute to this if you can say anything at all. 

They ask for your views in a MS Word document and you can add any comments as well to the site. 

The Transport Committee launched a new inquiry into the transformative potential of integrated, multi-mode MaaS (Mobility as a Service) apps, and overcoming barriers to implementation in UK cities and regions. 

Deadline Friday 22 December: Please use the link below:

Here are some key points about Herefordshire to make clear for this consultation:

  • Very poor broadband and data connections prevents use of smart mass transport solutions and stops people working from home or running rural businesses
  • Expensive road building in Herefordshire city and county is being prioritised over clean smart mass transport solutions that could be implemented quickly and at a much lower cost
  • People across the city and county are suffering from serious, irreversible health problems because we are forced to drive, rather than take any form of non-polluting public transport.
  • Cycle routes are extraordinarily limited and roads are far too dangerous for cycling. The council is persistently failing to provide  safe walking and cycling routes.
  • Severe cuts to public transport has already had a marked negative impact on business. There are no plans to improve public transport anytime soon.
  • The council is planning to spend the bulk of any funding for transport on a road that will be built across the prevailing wind, blowing diesel fumes into proposed new housing estates, the city and causing even more health problems. This road also threatens water supplies for the two main industries west of Hereford city
  • This proposed road will not solve growing congestion because more than 85% of traffic is local and will still flood the network
  • Herefordshire Council planning is still in the dark ages and needs an injection of innovative planners to stop the destructive road building at any cost.

In order to provide written submissions to a select committee read the guidance first


Please let us know if you have submitted suggestions. You might also wish to copy it to your MP, Minister for roads, Jesse Norman, and to your local and parish councillors, using the emails and addresses given on our website www.wyeruinit.org.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Proactive Campaign in the New Year. 

See you at the 12th Jan and 18th Jan Council Cabinet Meetings on the motorway relief road routes.

Wye Ruin It? Campaign Team


Patricia Ronan