Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Pressure is building - Don’t let them think we don’t care!

People are beginning to realise that building over the flood plains West of Hereford will be a disaster. This area floods regularly and so it should. It protects the City from flooding and so is a vital part of the infrastructure of Hereford City. Councillor Price has announced that Herefordshire Council is working with the Environment Agency to plan for flooding. However, Hereford has a good track record of not flooding because our flood plains have not been built on until recent years. As is well known (see picture below) since then flooding has occurred. Councillor Price and colleagues are now proposing to build the Western Bypass over it and an enormous number of houses. The environment Agency has not yet solved the problems that come with such infrastructure, and have been clear for many years that flood plains should not be built upon.

Our supporters are on to this, and questions are going to the Cabinet Meeting of Herefordshire Council to put pressure on them to continue protecting Hereford from flooding rather than blindly concreting over one of our most important natural assets.

Here are some of the questions being asked:

1.    Primary question

Please explain why the updated Yazor brook hydrogeological modelling and flood impact assessment of proposed Core Strategy Housing Development at Three Elms is not included in the Strategic Flood Risk Management Strategy.

a.    Supplementary question

Will these developments merit a floodplain exemption order given the density of housing proposed and down-stream flood vulnerabilities?

2.    Primary question

Please explain why Herefordshire Council is planning to build on flood plains given the mandate not to build on flood plains subsequent to the disastrous flooding experienced in the North of England in recent years?

a.    Supplementary question

Given the poor track of the Environment Agency in or preventing or managing flooding, why does Herefordshire Council believe that working with the Environment agency will do anything to prevent flooding subsequent to proposed developments?

3.    Primary question

Page 51 of the Strategy (Planning Application Process) says, "For all new developments, the developer will be required to demonstrate that the development will not cause any notable increase in flood risk to people, property or infrastructure elsewhere." The qualifier "notable" is meaningless and immeasurable.

Supplementary question

Why does the strategy not require that developers should demonstrate that there will be no increase to flood risk?

If you submit a written question and can attend the meeting itself, you are normally entitled to ask a verbal supplementary question. That is at the discretion of the meeting chair. Public questions are handled as the first substantive matter on the agenda. If there is sparse public attendance at the meeting, Cabinet will assume that there is little public interest. Don’t let them think we don’t care!

Deadline for receipt of questions is 5:00pm Monday 25 September 2017

No more than 70 words

One single question/person

More rules: https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200148/your_council/61/get_involved/3

Send the question by email to councillorservices@herefordshire.gov.uk

See:  http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=251&MId=6422&Ver=4

Patricia Ronan