Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Toxic Track Record

How can we trust this County Council to protect the natural environment and our health when it failed for decades to clean up the toxic waste that is still leaking from Sutton Walls toxic dump into the Lugg Valley.
This ancient hill fort was quarried for gravels and filled with toxic waste. The waste was left in giant ponds to disperse into the Lugg Valley for forty years. It is still leaking carcinogenic vinyl chloride into the ground waters.
Nothing has been done to clean it up by successive County Councils. Now that polluters pay, Redland, the operator should have been brought to book but nothing was done.
The Council turned a blind eye despite the collapse in salmon stocks and the deterioration of the water quality.
None of this toxic industrial pollution or the heavy metals from foundrys are ever mentioned in successive studies about infrastructure options on the Eastern side of Hereford. It was buried in every sense and they got away by doing nothing.

This morally bankrupt Council ask you to trust them.....
Their track record protecting the environment  is appalling and now they are pushing through a destructive road building plan over the city water supply and the aquifers of important employers. The technical reports are so obviously bias and incomplete in analysis of options to road building.
Be sure to ask for explanations in the next road consultation. Don't expect a straight answer.

Patricia Ronan