Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


We have a new champion to help us defeat this monstrosity!

One of our favourite British writers joined our campaign against the Bypass and he is local. He has posted a video on Youtube and it is going viral. Please keep spreading the word!


Matthew Hall is a novelist and screenwriter. He was raised in rural Herefordshire  and went  to school in Hereford. He is married to journalist Patricia Carswell and they have two young adult sons, Tom and Will. They have lived in the Monmouth area since 2003 and in Welsh Newton Common since early 2016.  Matthew is a keen conservationist and bee keeper and is a founder member of the Monross Trailblazers Running Club. Here is what he has to say about the Hereford Bypass:

Hereford by-pass: environmental vandalism at its worst!

I was raised and educated and Herefordshire and have been privileged to live much of my adult life in the area. My family has lived in the county for generations.  Hereford is a beautiful and ancient city set in unspoiled countryside and almost uniquely its streets merge seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. Many British towns and cities too numerous to mention have destroyed their character irredeemably with thoughtless road building and unsympathetic development. Hereford does not have to go this way.

With vision, Hereford can both modernise and become an even greener and more pleasant place. We don't need to destroy precious countryside with roads. We need to get people out of their cars with smart modern technology such as multi-person shuttle services which pick up and deliver passengers door to door at low cost. We need to improve cycle ways and buses and look further into the future at revolutionary trackless tram systems which are appearing in different parts of the world.

Hereford also has the opportunity to avoid building the identikit housing and to pioneer the most most modern and environmentally friendly architecture to make this a truly innovative and inspiring city. To achieve this we need local politicians who are prepared to embrace the future rather than adopt the failed methods of the past. We need to invite the most visionary transport specialists and architects to work in our city.

All of this is possible. Let's create a city that is somewhere truly special.

Patricia Ronan