Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


May Rant

This is some of Herefordshire Council's planned corridor of environmental destruction. 

They promise 6,000 new jobs and 6,500 new houses.

When they planned the Rotherwas business park in 2011 they promised 2,000 new jobs by 2015, but only generated 300 jobs, most of which were relocated for the cheap business rates. Only a corrupt government would fund this project with its empty promises. TELL THE MINISTRY OF HOUSING COMMUNITIES AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT NOT TO FUND THIS ARCHAIC SCHEME.

The City needs 1,500 affordable houses now. This scheme will take ten years to deliver them, if at all. Not even the Toxic Tories will miss the irony. Funding a project to boost profits of national house builders and international infrastructure corporations, not local business. THIS OVERDEVELOPMENT IS NOT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF HEREFORDSHIRE RESIDENTS.

It's a road planner’s dream, but a nightmare for car drivers. The traffic from 6,500 New houses and the motorway relief traffic will wind through the proposed new housing estates. The current rush hour jams of Belmont and Kings Acre will join up to make the NEW BIGGER TRAFFIC JAM. Ten years of housing estate construction and road building traffic will clog the streets. No motorway relief traffic is included in the current traffic models, but Highways England wants M5/M6 relief on this corridor. TRAFFIC JAMS WILL GET WORSE WITHOUT A CITY BASED MASS TRANSIT SYSTEM.

1,000 to 2,000 of the proposed new housing development is on the floodplain West of Hereford City. The builders will be long gone but this development will pollute the commercially important aquifers and flood the city. It's FLOODPLAIN FOOLISH GIVEN CLIMATE CHANGE. 

The national public purse will be plundered by these consultants and infrastructure contractors as the capital cost escalates. This is the next Carillion, the next infrastructure vanity project and the next environmental disaster all in the back yard of Jesse Norman Minster for Roads. TELL HIM IT IS HIS REPUTATION ON THE LINE.

Or, since it is May, why not tell Mrs May herself!



Patricia Ronan