Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Belmont Fete was a great success!

Thanks for all your support. Belmont Fete was a great success. We collaborated with the Herefordshire Transport Alliance and Here for Hereford to explain the real impact of the Bypass.

Many people were very interested to learn more and expressed interest in helping us to get the word out about exactly how it will impact people, the city and the environment.

It was no surprise to hear that many of the residents of Belmont are very concerned about the major increase in traffic that will arise if the Bypass goes ahead. Most can see through the Council’s bypass propaganda. They know that 80% of traffic is local and only 20% is through traffic. They also understand that developing vast new housing estates without mass transit systems will flood the city with more cars. However, some people still believe that congestion will decrease, despite the fact that Balfour Beatty have confirmed that it will increase!

People in Belmont are worried about the impact on their health and the health of their children. They told us that they want park and ride and better public transport to get them to school and work. They understand that frequent and subsidised buses would reduce city traffic by 25-30% during school terms at a fraction of the cost of the bypass. They do not believe our local government should get funds for road developments that increase congestion adding to city health issues.

The Abbey, at close proximity to the proposed route will suffer from noise and pollution from new and induced traffic flow. The tranquil atmosphere of this beautiful building and its grounds developed as place of solitude, learning and community support will be lost. Visitors to the Fete were very disturbed to learn of this.

We are getting the word out there. Please keep sharing the information we send you.

We have printed new posters for display and leaflets for distribution which are also on our website. Please get in touch if you want some ready-made.

The more visibility we have in our community, the better. This gives a strong message to the council that public opposition is significant and growing.

Email info@wyeruinit.org or contact via Facebook/Twitter #wyeruinit

Looking forward to seeing you all at Castle Green on the June 23rd!

Patricia Ronan