Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


We have a New Petition!

Many thanks again to all of those who came to support our campaign at the Castle Green Fair, Hereford, on Saturday! Special thanks to Herefordshire Transport Alliance, Here for Hereford. It’s Our County and the Green Party. The numbers of you who came to help was really impressive and did so much to help educate people about the implications of this road construction.

We had many newcomers helping yesterday as well. People who are only beginning to realise what the Bypass will mean for them, their families and their lives.

Most people approaching the stand voiced their support for our campaign and want smart, pollution free transport now, before it’s too late. They are aware of the dreadful health and environmental costs of current policy and future plans held by Herefordshire Council. They want simple, cheaper and more immediate solutions such as electric buses, smart apps, safe bike lanes and pollution free walking routes for children.

We were so inspired by what people are saying about wanting modern smart transport and affordable housing now -not a bypass -we have launched a new petition (see below).

People across the county need to realise that there are better solutions and they are being fooled into believing that this Bypass will actually make things better. It will not.

There are much better, quicker, cheaper solutions available now.

We need to get the word out even further. Can you help us?

This week, just take a few minutes to do any or all of these things:

1.     Talk to two people who are not aware and ask them to follow our campaign so they can find out about how the Bypass will affect them.

2.     Sign our petition, and share it if you can: https://www.change.org/p/petitions-herefordshire-gov-uk-stop-hereford-council-s-bypass-cf06222d-09b5-46a9-bdde-e93db7731b47

3.     Put a Wye Ruin It? sign up at your home, car or place of work. – available from https://www.wyeruinit.org/

4.     Give someone a leaflet. We have lots of signs and leaflets available for you to collect.

5.     Donate to the campaign and help us fund the materials and events to Stop the Bypass – Click https://secure.squarespace.com/checkout/donate?donatePageId=5b0dae72758d4640fd9b2595 .

If there is something more you can do, please get in touch. We are all volunteers and are very glad of any small help and to get to know you. This is a fantastic community. Let’s keep it that way!

For those of you not on Facebook, here are some messages from one of our latest Facebook posts:

The truth is that the church of England's church commissioners are selling the floodplain West of Hereford to developers for housing. The floodplain overlies the aquifers that support our most important employers Cargill and Heineken. They rely on this clean water supply. 

This crazy floodplain housing development is used to justify the access road over the Wye Valley. 

The road is mis-named a bypass and it practically zips through the Roman Catholic grade one listed Belmont Abbey. 

Rumour has it the Bishop and the Abbott are unhappy about the proposed developments. Perhaps we should all revisit the core plans to flood Hereford with more traffic and threaten then loss or our key employers.

Consider the impact of affordable regular public transport

Just 128 daily bus journeys at full capacity, mornings and evenings could potential reduce congestion in Hereford by 50% taking 8,960 people out of cars (128x2×35) out of cars and negating 2x8960 trips a day. (×2 for commuters and ×4 for school kids).(School run kids take two return journeys of parent or equivalent by car).

Mind boggling to think that some people still believe buses increase traffic congestion.

Even more mind boggling to hear we don't have electric buses planned for Hereford before planning to expand road capacity.

Current propaganda makes Herefordians believe a bypass will be better value for money than electric bus fleets? 

Who believes the increase in pollution from double current traffic is preferable for society to modern, subsidised pollution free buses?

Look how much buses cost with the right government incentives. Just think of the value to society of this investment versus more pollution and congestion by increasing road traffic capacity.

Wake up

It's a £300mn road to access thousands of unaffordable houses

Houses worth £600mn in profits to the national house builders.

Years of construction over-runs

More traffic

More pollution

Increased health costs 


A bus fleet for a fraction of the costs

Look at York's new bus fleet 

24 electric buses for £3.3m

Park and ride 

A cleaner city in months not years

Cheaper cycling infrastructure

Commercially led mobility apps for cars

E-scooters for tourists and city workers


Patricia Ronan