Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


The numbers for expected traffic volume if the Bypass goes ahead

Please share as much as possible. Most people are under the impression that the Bypass will reduce congestion and their journey times. This is why they are supporting it.  People who are made aware of the fact that traffic will increase as a consequence of the Bypass (even admitted by Balfour Beatty) soon change their minds about wanting it!

Keep an open mind on traffic modelling: 

The Council is not disclosing the full story on road congestion. 

Ask yourself what happens if you increase houses in Hereford by 25% or 6,500 and another 10,000 or 20% across Herefordshire as planned. 

(Remember Hereford needs just 1,500 affordable houses now and it will take ten years to deliver them under current Core Strategy).

Local school and commuting traffic will increase from more commuters with two trips a day. School traffic involves four trips a day so it has a multiple impact. 

Assume the proposed 16,500 new houses add 6,000 new City cars and 10,000 new County cars. In Hereford Greyfriars bridge crossings were 45,000 a day in the last count, 2016. 

Traffic counts 2010-2016


Currently 9,000 bypass Leominster on the A49. That implies more than 36,000 bridge crossing in Hereford are local trips. It also illustrates from official traffic counts the Hereford A49 through traffic in 2016 was less than 20%. (19.56% base on department of transport road counts in 2016). Spending 200 million for a bypass will not help solve congestion which is >80% of traffic.

More importantly there were only 850 HGVs on the Leominster bypass compared with 1,500 on the Greyfriar's bridge. Clearly at least 650 HGV crossing are local not regional.

Given the terrible state of the old buses and very high cost of tickets, we assume families that can afford the proposed 16,500 expensive new homes will mostly drive cars on the proposed new roads rather than cycle on treacherous existing cycle routes. 

Don't believe the Council when they promise cycle routes after the new roads are built in ten years. Just look at the City Link Road. Not a cycle lane or safe stop anywhere.

Add 4,000 new city cars 4 times a day for school trips that's 16,000 plus 2,500 commuting twice a day thats 5,000 extra trips into the city.

Add these to the current 45,000 and it equals 66,000 short trips into Hereford. 

Now add 15% induced traffic from a new bridge crossing, say 10,000 from Welsh and Midlands through traffic. This could arrive when the dual carriageway through Wales is completed on the A465 by 2020. 

The new total is 76,000 bridge crossings. Without any proposed motorway relief, traffic volumes could rise from 45,000 to 76,000. 

Now consider Highways England's strategic road network plan to use the A49 for M5 traffic relief.

The M5 volumes at circa 100,000 per day. 10% of this would double Hereford's through traffic and 20% would treble it. Take just 10% or 10,000 and bridge crossing will reach 86,000 a day. Will the new bridge be less congested?

At 43,000 crossings on each bridge it would be just as bad if traffic was equally divided. However the shorter route by far is through town so it will remain preferred outside of peak traffic times.

Now add the traffic from the proposed 10,000 new Herefordshire homes outside the city. Just just 4,000 trips into the city from these extra county houses would increase bridge traffic beyond current levels on both.

Add the construction traffic for 16,500 houses in the county and a new bypass over ten years and daily crossing will be higher still.

A new bridge will not reduce congestion it will not address the long term health and transport needs of a modern city. It will access new land for housing but much of it is unsuitable and unsustainable development.

Hereford needs a better plan.

We advocate modern transport solutions. Electric buses, electric bikes, a tram loop and mobility service apps with  electric mini buses. All this is already used to reduce traffic in similar sized cities.(Details on Hereford Transport Alliance proposals).

Herefordians need less pollution and seamless access to the city. The so called bypass will not deliver either. It will mostly deliver unaffordable houses and much much more traffic. 

Many of the proposed houses are on the floodplain which drains through the city into the River Wye. Watch out for increased city flooding.

Do you still believe the Council and its greedy developers when they say you will save 5 to 8 minutes travelling across Hereford? 

You will be stuck in construction traffic for years then queuing on an even bigger school run. The bypass is not a bypass, just like the city link road and the ASDA supermarket location, it is a planners dream and a motorists nightmare.

Next stage is route selection, 19 July, followed by a third public consultation and detailed survey work. 

Costs will shoot up when the traffic analysis demands dual carriageways and increased environmental degradation. Minor impact assesments made on initial proposals will be lost in the paperwork as severe impacts on communities, landscapes, wildlife and heritage are swept aside.

This a clear case of the State Cash Cow being milked by Global Corporate interests. Wake up and do something befor it is too late. 

Meet us and join us:


Sat 16th June  2pm Belmont Abbey Fete,

Sat 23rd June Hereford Castle Green

Sunday 8th July  Breinton Fete 2pm

Shire Hall Protest on 19 July

Hereford is best known for its natural beauty, tourists attractions, historic landscapes, horticulture and highly productive agricultural qualities. 

Patricia Ronan