Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


44% increase in investment in raising our new road carbon levels announced

By now, most of you will be aware of the announcement made by Philip Hammond, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, that he will raise the amount of funding available for new roads to £25billion -up from £15billion. This is a direct contradiction of their commitment to reduce carbon emissions and increase cycling, walking and to have sustainable/active transport as the main form of transport in all cities by 2020.

Please write to him and his colleagues: Theresa May, Claire Perry (Minister for Climate Change) and Jesse Norman (Minister for cycling and walking and roads) and to everyone in the media to ask why? (Emails below)

Please note: Jesse Norman has said that if he gets one or two emails, he is unlikely to take anything action, but if he gets 50 emails he will address the issue, so please email!

They have some great policies saying that they want cycling and walking and sustainable transport in all cities by 2020, but with little money to support it. At the same time, they have just increased the budget for new roads to £25billion from £15billion and are doing nothing to enforce the sustainable transport and cycling/walking policies -simply saying it is up to local councils to decide. We all have those letters.   

The complete waste of money and disregard for the people of this country is astonishing and this government really needs to be challenged. Issues around the Hereford Bypass are a reflection of this. The public is being seriously mislead and ignored. 

Philip Hammond: philip.hammond.mp@parliament.uk

Theresa May: mayt@parliament.uk

Claire Perry: claire.perry.mp@parliament.uk

Jesse Norman: jesse.norman.mp@parliament.uk

The Independent: newsdesk@independent.co.uk

The Financial Times: letters.editor@ft.com

Huffington Post: ukeditor@huffpost.com

Guardian: guardian.letters@theguardian.com
Observer: observer.letters@observer.co.uk

ITV: centralnews@itv.com

Channel 4: news@channel4.com

Hereford Times: carmelo.garcia@herefordtimes.com

BBC Local: nicola.goodwin@bbc.co.uk

Radio 4 Today: today@bbc.co.uk

Radio 4 PM: ipm@bbc.co.uk

Patricia Ronan