Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Actions speak louder than words

Last week we brought you the fantastic news that Herefordshire Council had made a unanimous Declaration of a Climate Emergency. Councillor Price showed complete disregard for the Climate Emergency in declaring that work will continue on the Western Route. And yesterday, to add insult to injury, they agreed to give Balfour Beatty another £3,500, 000 to continue work on the Western Bypass! In the meantime, there is no plan to increase buses and essential public services are on their knees. Crime is up and people are dying because of how our money is being spent.

All of us must act now to get them to rescind their decisions to increase climate change!

We will be there on Friday to support the school strike. Please join us if you can at all. These young people are making a difference and they need as much support as we can give them. Don’t just think someone else will do it for you -They will not. It is up to every one of us, regardless of age or political affiliation.

11am -Cathedral Close, outside the Cathedral, shelter in the North porch.

11.30am – March to the Hightown for speeches, past Jesse Norman’s office

Time for change!

Elections are very soon -Please think carefully about who you vote for. We will let you know who is on our side amongst those going up for election.

Patricia Ronan