Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Amanda has written to the people of Redhill

Whilst out canvassing, Amanda Martin, Independent candidate for Redhill, was astonished to discover that many residents are still under the misapprehension that the ‘Bypass’ will reduce traffic on the A49. In visiting residents all along the road, her heart was broken to witness directly the noise and pollution that residents have to tolerate every day because of the number of cars going past their houses. Worst of all was the old people’s home where residents have had their trees cut down in the interests of ‘health and safety’. They now have no respite from traffic, pollution or street lights. The sun blares in at them throughout the day and they are condemned to a bleak, industrial end to their lives.

The vast majority of cars going along the Ross road are within city journeys with only 1 passenger.

So, Amanda decided to take action. She has written to every resident to explain to them exactly what will happen if the ‘bypass’ is built.

Even better, Amanda, who is a properly qualified transport expert, has given her residents an outline plan of how to address the transport issues in Hereford. If elected, she will work with the many other candidates going forward from the Herefordshire Alliance to swiftly improve our transport infrastructure.

Amanda is determined to protect out economy, environment and health.

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Patricia Ronan