Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


August 4th Walk, August 5th AGM

Riverside Walk To Site Of Proposed

Bridge Over The River Wye

Saturday 4 August 12.45 P.M. Hereford Cathedral

Wye Ruin It? Friends will guide the walk, starting from the Cathedral and Gwynne Street. Learn more about the River Wye Special Area of Conservation, its wildlife, heritage assets and Sites of Special Scientific Interest along its banks. Further details from www.wyeruinit.org

1.30 p.m. share photos at the ‘red route’ crossing

The photo above shows the route north from the crossing up towards Warham Court and the Community Farm behind the trees on the skyline

1.45 p.m. and after, walk up to tea at Warham House, HR4 7PF

From 2.00 to 4.30 p.m. Free Entry to the Green Bank, Tea and Art Exhibitions (Thorndyke on Hatton and Thimm End of Year Show); dogs on lead welcome; games for children; the less able can park off the drive and take a short walk down the meadows to view the proposed ‘red route’ River Wye bridge site

Wye Float is also running an event to clean up the river on 4th August at 15.00 hrs from Youth Canoe Club. There maybe some free kayaking if you join in the litter clean up around the old bridge, etc.

Easy for those who get to the Red Route bridge crossing by 13.45 to walk back to the Canoe rendezvous for 15.00 hrs and pick up a sandwich on the way.

August 5th

Wye Ruin It? will be holding an AGM on

Sunday 5th August     


Die Koffie Pot

Please come along if you can, hear about our progress in campaigning against the Bypass, get involved in planning and actions to Stop the Bypass.

We all have time and ability constraints, but a little time and any effort from everyone will go a very long way. We can do this if we support each other and work together. And we are!

Please let us know if you are planning to attend.

Patricia Ronan