Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Big Protest Tomorrow Morning - Please be there!

There is a big protest planned for tomorrow morning, March 8th, at Shire Hall. This is to demand that Herefordshire Council declare a Climate Emergency. 27 councils including Bristol, Brighton, The Forest of Dean, and Kington have already made this declaration.

Why should you care?

1.     If Herefordshire Council declares a Climate Emergency, they cannot justify putting in the Bypass. The Bypass is a high carbon infrastructure that will induce more global warming.

2.     Our young people and children are leading this. We have wanted them to get involved and support us: Now they are and we must support them.

We need a massive turn out to help convince councillors to support the motion.

Here are the plans from Extinction Rebellion, the lead organising group:

From 8.15am: demonstration by the side door as Councillors arrive. Silent, respectful, handing out leaflets.

Once the Councillors are inside, invitations to do the right thing and support the declaration will be placed on councillors’ desks.

9-9.45am: Demonstration at the front with banners and singing.

From 9.30am: file into the council chamber. Note - banners and placards will be refused entry, and people will be searched.

10am: meeting starts, with public questions. Some will be on the subject of a “climate emergency”.

If the council agrees to declare an emergency, spontaneous celebration inside and out. If they do not, those inside will simultaneously rise, turn their backs, and walk out in protest.

We need AS MANY OF YOU AS POSSIBLE plus your neighbours, friends and family to join us to let them know that there is a huge public demand to take real action on climate change.

The meeting is at Shire Hall, St Peter’s Square Hereford HR1 2HX

Patricia Ronan