Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


From the Treacle Mines to the Forest's Edge

William Wilding is standing as an Independent candidate for Weston-Under-Penyard, Linton, Lea, Aston Ingham, and Hope Mansell. He is new to politics and keen to make a change for the better in Herefordshire. Policies include:

  • Work towards introducing a safe cycle path network

  • Maintain roads before building new ones. Review new road plans

  • Improve public transport

  • Investigate how Herefordshire can design systems of transport to use new technologies

He is keen to work with the all new Herefordshire Alliance to develop an accountable committee system and to improve infrastructure for business. Climate change is on his agenda too!

If you are in touch with anyone in his area, please let them know about William. He is definitely worth every vote.

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