Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Get busy! October 4th deadline

Your voice is needed for the latest consultation on highways planning.

 This is a quick, but important survey. There are 4 questions and you will need to read the background document to answer the questions, but you can just refer to the part that comes up in the survey. (The design of the survey is to generate different questions each time you open it, so we cannot give you the answers).

 Please make sure to tell them to stop plans for the bypass, stop expanding road networks and focus on maximising clean, affordable, active and sustainable transport as soon as possible. Click here for details

Here is a link to a helpful background article from the New Statesman showing how the dawn of electric cars is heralded as the solution to our problems of city congestion and pollution but it's clearly wrong. Too many vested interests perpetuate the argument for greater road capacity stating our cities will be clean when we all drive electric cars. The problem is the embedded carbon in each unit and our dependency on fossil fuels that drive electricity production. The air will only be cleaner on cities without gas generated energy. We need a modern public transport plan to reduce car usage.

 You can make this clear in the current Herefordshire Council Consultation on its Road Network Management Plans. Tell them to stop expanding road capacity.

Read the documents first and answer four simply questions online via their website:

When you are done, there is a great second consultation going on!

 Look how sensible the new County Council is.

They are asking us where to spend the money.

Do you want them to spend £200mn on roads for an urban sprawl of expensive housing, more congestion and motorway relief traffic?

 How about some sustainable council housing and a better quality of life? 

Would you prefer to live in a County revered for is natural resources of wildlife and biodiversity? YES

Would you like this County to best know for its heavy motorway traffic from the Welsh ports to the Midlands? NO!

Brilliant, it's no longer the unelected business lobby dictating where millions are spent through Local Enterprise Partnerships, filling their pockets while services are neglected. Finally, residents get to decide.

After all its our taxes they are spending so why shouldn't we have our say? Click here for details

Patricia Ronan