Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Great public and political demand for modern smart transport solutions


We made a driverless bus

to demonstrate one of the types of transport that the council should be planning for right now.

Hightown 210219.jpg

This was a great hit

with the public and many people came to talk to us to tell us that they are not happy about the state of public transport, the lack of safe, navigable cycling and walking infrastructure, and the plans to make massive increases in car journeys to jam up the city even further.


Many members of the

public still believe that most cars in the city are travelling through the city and that we need a bypass for the high number of HGVs. Neither is true.

77% of car journeys in Hereford are within the city and less than 5 miles. A mere 3% of traffic on the bridge is HGVs.


At the same time, the

council has cut 60% of buses that took people over the bridge and many people find the cost of bus travel far too expensive.



politicians turned up to support our exhibition in the High Town on Thursday.


It’s Our County, The

Green Party and Independents said that they want Hereford to have properly integrated, new technology, affordable and healthy transport systems.


They do not agree with the

Western Bypass and associated plans which are outdated and will set the city back.

We really need you and as many people as possible to tell the council that we want low carbon, cheap, healthy, efficient transport for Hereford. Our expert team has set out comments and answers to their latest consultation on walking, cycling, buses and public spaces. This is to help you to understand what they should be doing and what we should expect and demand from them.

Click here to see our response - you can use this to help you complete the questionnaire.

Click here to complete the latest transport consultation - It won’t take long. Click here for their brochure so you can see just how inadequate their proposals are.

Finally, please encourage as many people as possible to complete it. We have paper copies available – just email info@wyeruinit.org or send us a message via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Thanks again for all your support!

Wye Ruin It? Campaign Team

Patricia Ronan