Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Herefordshire Alliance - Essential Information

The Herefordshire Alliance has launched a new website, explaining what they are about, why you should support them and who is collaborating in this group.

Click here for the Herefordshire Alliance website

Here’s a quick abstract from their website:

“This website has been setup to support the much-welcomed collaborative efforts of the: Herefordshire Independents, It's Our County and the Herefordshire Green Party, to support each other and work towards an "Herefordshire Alliance" coalition, should they be successful on May 2nd.

Please have a look at - which Councillors, in which Wards - have signed-up to the Herefordshire Alliance principles. Those listed have agreed to support working with each other; thus moving Herefordshire Council from its existing Cabinet System of governance (whereby, only 8 Councillors - out of 53 elected! - make almost all of the decisions) to a more representative Committee System; allowing most Councillors, from across the different groups, to get more say. This means that You, the voter, have a much better chance of having your voice heard. 

 Central Government has failed us - it's time to work together locally, and make positive changes; not just for our county, but in the way that different groups work together, here in Herefordshire.”

There are only 9 Days until the election on May 2nd.

These people need your help to change the system.

Without system change in Herefordshire, we will be stuck with the bypass, outdated, polluting, expensive transport infrastructure and many, many other bad policies that are destroying our county.

Please get in touch to help put up a poster, post a few leaflets or just ask about who is standing in your ward.

Click here to find out which ward you are in

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Patricia Ronan