Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Herefordshire Council Budget consultation show majority disagreed

Questions on the Council Capital budgets need to be raised on 27 November at 10am in the Shirehall. Herefordshire Council Budget consultation results showed the majority out of 225 respondents, 56%, disagreed with allocation of resources. 

In fact 48%, 105 people thought the investment and debt levels should be reduced in the County and only 115 people supported an increase. This may reflect the inappropriate infrastructure spending and weak balance sheet. It begs the question why 5 respondents did not answer when 125 disagreed with the allocation of resources. 

The resource allocation suggested by the PUBLIC consultation includes a REDUCTION IN INFRASTRUCTURE SPENDING. Just look at how this information is diluted in the consultation results document. (See main picture)

What is the point of conducting these consultations if the results are not properly analysed?

Why waste public money if they don't heed the outcomes?

Why publish the results hidden under The Adults and Wellbeing agenda?

When will this Council learn that it should be working the people not just business interests?

Click here for the full report.

Let us know what you think.

Better still, let the council know! Write to your local councillor and ask just what they are up to.

Patricia Ronan