Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


If you are still in doubt about who to vote for....

Today is the day when we have a real chance to have an Accountable Local Government.

In order to achieve this, You must Vote!

Not voting or spoiling your vote will simply allow the same crowd to get in and to continue wasting our money on their selfish projects. We know we need things to change for the better and quickly.

We have worked really hard to identify the people who are committed to not just stopping the bypass, but also forming an accountable committee system and addressing many of the key issues that have decimated our county. So please go out and vote for them!

Here’s a simple reminder of who they are so you can pick them out easily at the ballot box:

Where possible choose a Green Party or an It’s Our County candidate.

Otherwise chose one of the following (This is by ward in alphabetical order):

Aylestone Hill Ange Tyler Independent

Backbury John Hardwick Independent

Credenhill Bob Matthews Independent

Golden Valley North Jennie Hewitt Independent

Golden Valley South Peter Jinman Independent

Hinton & Hunderton Ashley Winter Independent

Holmer Stephen Nash Independent

Hope End Philip Probert Labour

Kerne Bridge Yolande Watson Independent

Kings Acre Graham Andrews Independent

Ledbury South Maria Mackness Labour

Ledbury West Phillip Howells Liberal Democrat

Newton Farm Margaret Whalley Labour

Penyard William Wilding Independent

Queenswood Pauline Crockett Independent

Redhill Amanda Martin Independent

Saxon Gate Gem Dean Independent

Stoney Street David Hitchner Independent

Sutton Walls  Steve Williams Independent

Tupsley Jim Kenyon Independent

Patricia Ronan