Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Let's give Graham Andrews the Crown of Kings Acre!

Graham Andrews has lived in Kings Acre Road for 18 years, a proud Herefordian and employed in Hereford for 34 years. Two of his children have been educated in Trinity and Whitecross schools. He is really committed to the area, the City of Hereford and the County.

He promises to be:

  • A person who cares for the community

  • Not afraid to challenge decisions

  • Fair and dedicated

  • Represent everyone, not controlled by party politics, pressure group or whip

  • The Voice of the People

This is what he says about the ‘Bypass’:

“The development of the Western route will have a dramatic impact on the Kings Acre Ward. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are enthusiastic and supportive of extensive development in this area, which would further compound our already highly congested highways. Their proposals would generate up to 14,000 extra motor vehicles within the next 10 years.

Independents support an Eastern crossing to link our colleges, hospitals, industries and motorway network. The Western route is far more expensive than the Eastern alternative. The Eastern route is supported by Hereford Industry and local businesses.”

If you can help Graham get the word out as much as possible in the next two days, please do. You can contact him on 07974447622. He will be delighted to hear from you!

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