Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Our next important event

The Public Enquiry for the Southern link road begins on October 30th. Please click here for the provisional timetable.

Venue: The Left Bank, Hereford The Bridge Room

It has been confirmed that the Southern Link Road is the first stage of the Western Bypass. The Bypass cannot proceed if the Southern Link Road is stopped. So it is really important that we oppose this scheme.

Much work has been carried out in the background to challenge this road and it will be presented by representatives of many of the groups opposing this road. The enquiry is open to the public and our team will be really appreciative of all the support they can get during this time. Moreover, it is very important that we learn as much as possible from the conduct of this enquiry because it is highly likely that we will face a second one for the Western Bypass.

So, please, if you can at all, come along to some or all of this enquiry. Tell our team you are behind them and cheer them on as they put our case forward.

PS – You can print a poster from our website or make your own, or wear a Wye Ruin It? T-Shirt to show that you are against this travesty of a transport plan.

Patricia Ronan