Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Planning for Failure

Planning for Failure: The picture attached is from a report by the Foundation for Integrated Transport on a recent housing development in Northamptonshire. This transport analysis is typical of the UK: There is a choice of:

A. No public transport

B. Journeys times nearly three times longer with limited services

Not surprisingly, most major transport investment is in road infrastructure for the future of new housing estates.

The authors of the Report, Jenny Raggett and Joey Talbot, described their research, and delegates explained some of the difficulties they encountered trying to promote sustainable transport measures in new housing estates:

1. Local authorities in the UK lack planning expertise, especially where rail is concerned

2. Network Rail reluctant to get involved

3. People have emotional attachment to their cars

4. European examples of car free town centres benefit from experience of rapid transit schemes and enlightened financing of new housing (see Aarhus, and Amersfoort where the Local Authority built the new railway station first, and corralled a number of developers to work together rather than competitively.)

The point is that Local Authorities should provide Sustainable Transport Measures to shift enable a modal shift away from private cars for the public good.

Patricia Ronan