Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


"Please think hard before voting for more years of the same!"

Here at Wye Ruin It? we get regular letters from the public telling us how they feel about the planned Bypass. here’s one of our latest:

As someone who has run a very successful SME since 1986, I cannot help but get frustrated with Herefordshire Council and the decisions they have taken in recent years, most have which have cost the indigenous population and local business money to cover their ineptitude. Massive over spends on projects relating to council offices, selling off property at below market value and creating wonderful roads that lead to nowhere. I truly hope that when the next years elections take place the voters stop and think before putting their X  on the ballot sheet.

I am personally Apolitical and just want candidates who will not just tow their party line but explore and do what is best for their area/region. That they apply a business acumen and a sound approach, not let their ego override common sense.

Prime example: allow a road to be constructed on Lugg Meadows to a business but not consider it for a relief road. Another example is building a road to nowhere across the front of Hereford railway station and thus create more traffic flow problems when it was not necessary.

I did run Visit Herefordshire for 3 years and at my final scrutiny meeting signed off by saying if the then councillors (Many of whom are still taking their allowances)  had worked for me in the private sector they would have been fired for being out of touch and inept. The current Council cannot keep spending on mythical roads and ideas, whilst closing and cutting back on social care for children and those less fortunate and in need of help.

Please think hard before voting for more years of the same!

Patricia Ronan