Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Power to the People: Climate Emergency declared in Herefordshire

But do our local councillors actually know what that means?

A climate emergency has been declared by the council unanimously with an amendment that all of the councillors must go on a course to learn about climate change. Ironically, this amendment was proposed by Cllr Price who is determined to build the bypass. At the beginning he proclaimed that he is still determined. Will he change his mind when the facts and consequences of this plan is made absolutely clear to him?

This declaration is the first major step to stopping the bypass and getting clean, smart and active transport into our county and city. The research shows that good, cheap and free public transport is the one thing that attracts young people and business to an area and enables them to thrive. Great for health and environment too. National policy says that this must be made a priority and all cities must have this by 2020. So why is Herefordshire Council ignoring this?

Our young people are on the case and they are fighting hard to help us stop the destruction of our natural environment and make scientific decisions to install the types of infrastructure that will support real growth and help us all to thrive in the long term.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this campaign.

Please don’t forget to complete the latest consultation on transport by Monday 11th March. It won’t take long and our answers are available to help you. They must hear from as many people as possible.

Patricia Ronan