Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Pressure is mounting to stop our government causing climate change

Around 500 people turned out in Hereford on Saturday December 1st to tell our local and national government to stop putting in infrastructure that increases pollution, carbon and methane emissions, destroys our natural environment and our health. This march, organised by a new movement called Extinction Rebellion, came at the same time as the United Nations met in Katowice to try address the impact of climate change on our planet. The science is clear: In 12 years time it will be too late. So, if Herefordshire Council have finished building their Bypass and clogged up the city with even more cars, time will have run out for us to reverse the effect that this outdated infrastructure.

The good news is that people all over this county, this country and this world are waking up and demanding a massive change in direction. They are demanding that we use the science and technology that we already have available to make better decisions and better infrastructure. In many countries children are leading this movement. It was really great to see so many children and teenagers at the march in Hereford on Saturday. This is the stuff that will stop the Bypass and get our government to put in smart and healthy transport options instead.

We will keep you posted on activities organised by Extinction Rebellion Hereford (or XR Hereford as they are also known). You can also follow them on facebook.

Patricia Ronan