Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Reality Vs Solutions

Prof John Whitelegg delivered a very informative lecture last weekend on how our transport network could be developed to reduce congestion, improve our health, protect our environment and ensure the future of local business and industry. Guess what? Not a bypass in sight!

In the meantime, here’s some text from a recent email from someone living in Belmont.


The following should be read in the context of the recent decision of Herefordshire Council to give WSP/Balfour Beatty another c£2million for consulting on the bypass, declaring that this year’s budget is on target and then announcing the closure of 4 children’s homes, removing bus timetables and still denying overspend on the City Link Road.

‘I was telling someone today that I was shocked yesterday to note that according to the travelinemidlands website, for me to travel from postcode of HR2 7XU to HR2 0RT on Monday, I would have to start my journey the previous day!

traveline west midlands - Trip Request - English

My friend responded, "Yes, I know! Public transport services in Herefordshire are absolutely awful! I do things at 'No Wrong Doors' youth project, Unit 2, Robert Owen Academy, Blackfriars St, Hereford HR4 9HS

and there, service users are despairing at not only the abysmal transport links, but also lack of access to advice services...."

I know that access to advice services has been a very thorny issue for years around the UK,


but it's obviously all the worse where people lack access to public transport to the extent that people in Golden Valley (HR2 0** sub-area) face, as I'm sure J would have heard when standing in a council by-election last year.

But the fact that the vast extent of the HR2 area and deficiencies of public transport makes for such lousy access within different places WITHIN a first-block of postcode area could well help to illustrate Herefordshire's lack of infrastructure, methinks. Maybe it could even be used as data to feed through to Private Eye magazine for its 'Rotten Boroughs' section?’

Patricia Ronan