Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Report from Public Enquiry Phase 1

Evidence submitted in objections to the first phase of the so called Hereford Bypass (known as the Southern Link Road) makes interesting reading. While the defense of this scheme is democratic and legal, the process is both bias and unbalanced. Just look at the rows of consultants and legal experts that confronted each objector.
The proofs are located on the link below but Herefordshire Council expects them to be lost in the fog of its legal defense. 
Download them for your scrap book. They will be featured again and again in many press articles and coverage of this inappropriate development scheme. 
We draw your attention to the fact the objectors highlight the flawed planning application (See Anthony Priddle's proof on the impact of listed buildings).

They focused on the inadequate environmental survey of ancient woodlands and loss of high grade agricultural lands (see Dr Geeson and Mr Elliott's proofs).

They highlighted the inadequate public consultation and the fact that the road was promoted as a stand alone relief road, as access to housing but is now a potential re-routing of the A49 trunk road. (See Mrs Morawieka's proof).
They demonstrate that the Council will not deliver on it's promise to reduce city congestion and pollution. They illustrate from the Council's own traffic model, that the traffic benefits are marginal. The only major housing development currently advanced in the South of the City is East of the proposed road and will add to city congestion.
Emphasis should be on sustainable solutions first, evidenced by the Herefordshire Transport Alliance.
They highlight that the Council does not have a full business plan and cannot demonstrate the full costs and benefits of this phase. In fact they emphasise that the costs are underestimated and the benefits are exaggerated. (See Robert Palgrave's and Carole Protherough'sproofs).

The proof by Jeremy Miln illustrates the passion of objectors to this unjustified use of public funds evidenced by the weight of public opinion expressed through the local Newspapers. 

Finally if you need anymore evidence of the poor consultation and lack of equality read the submissions of the householders representing people of special character including a religious group with small but important business interest, a local architect, elderly residents and farmers.

Download these proofs before they disappear.

Patricia Ronan