Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


Bypass Phase 1 Public Enquiry Digest: David Vs Goliath

More like Kate and some other very brave people Vs Goliath!

Click here to see Kate Sharp, a simple housewife, giving her case to the Public Enquiry for the Southern Link Road, or Phase 1 of the Western Bypass as it is now known.

Kate puts it in a nutshell!

Click here for all of the Objections

Below is a short comment written by one of our supporters, Peter Hands, who attended it.

Dear Sir,

I recently took time off work to attend a session of the SLR at the Left Bank.

I thought I had entered into a remake of “David and Goliath”!

One ordinary mother and wife with no legal training was putting forward her views and objections to the SLR Inspector whilst seated opposite were a crowd of at least 10 legal eagles and officers collectively rebutting the points she raised.

Added to which at least a further table of Councillors and other officials sat at the rear of the room.

In the middle of the stage sat the lone figure of the inspector who seldom looked up whilst making copious notes, then mainly to rebuke a member of the public for expressing her frustration at the misrepresented facts being put by the council. I hope he navigates the path of smoke and mirrors and makes allowances for the ordinary untrained members of the public who were brave enough to appear before him and to express their concerns.

The team representing the Council had more folders and papers around them than WH Smith’s so much so they found themselves unable to answer some questions and had to be led by their counsel.

I doubt the enquiry will have the same outcome as David had, but I would like to thank all those people that gave evidence to the enquiry, to express the view of the majority in what could only be described as an intimidating atmosphere.

Cllr Price and his cohorts would do well to listen to the electorate rather than audition for “Dorothy and the yellow Brick Road to nowhere!”



Patricia Ronan