Wye Ruin It?

Wye Ruin It?


We have a Winner!

Last weekend our first draw took place to win an overnight stay in a beautiful cottage on the Wye, supper and fishing. This fantastic prize was donated by Pat and Martin Churchward, Dorian Kirk and Emil Morfett.

We are now delighted to announce the winner. She is someone who could not be more deserving of this prize, as she has dedicated the last year to painting and recording the impact that the Bypass will have on people and land. She is submitting this work for her Master’s thesis and will exhibit it at Breinton Fete on July 8th and at Warham House on August 4th.

Our winner is Kristina Thimm.

Here is some information about Kristina:

I moved to Herefordshire over twenty years ago and immediately fell in love with the area, and the beautiful landscape around the city. Like many living in the city centre, I love to walk out into the countryside to enjoy the greenery, the wildlife and the tranquillity, and to escape the city noise and traffic for a few hours. We are very fortunate here in Hereford to have such unspoilt countryside within walking distance of the city centre. Many studies have shown that having access to nature and green spaces is essential for mental and physical wellbeing.

Where I grew up in the south east of England is now extremely congested. Over the years, new roads and overpriced housing developments have eaten into the surrounding countryside, so it is now no longer possible to escape the sound of roaring traffic. Despite all the new roads around my home town, traffic is worse than ever. These roads, rather than easing traffic, have drawn more and more vehicles onto the roads making it slower than ever for people to travel around by car. I feel very strongly that what Herefordshire has to offer is very special and should be celebrated and saved for future generations, and for visitors and locals alike. The Wye Valley must surely be one of the most beautiful places in the country.

Since September 2017 I have been a student on the MA Fine Art course at Herefordshire College of Arts. For my major project – with the generous help of members of the Wye Ruin It? campaign - I chose to make a series of paintings and drawings in response to the people and landscapes threatened by the proposed bypass. It has been a very fruitful collaboration, and I am really pleased that I can play a small part in supporting this campaign.

Patricia Ronan