Wye Ruin It?



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Overweight? Wheezing? Diabetic? Cancer? Anxious? Worried about Climate Change?

Pollution is one of the main causes of health problems in our cities. Pollution and high levels of carbon are rapidly destroying our environment, insects, birds fish and all other species.

Hereford is unusual. The prevailing wind comes from the west and keeps the air clean, for the most part. This is an Atlantic wind. It carries few pollutants, as it travels from the sea and over the Brecons straight into our city. 

People say the proposed Western Route 'is as good a place as any'. Really?

Putting a busy road to the West of Hereford city will mean that all of the fumes from traffic, mainly freight, will be blown right into town. Even with the advent of electric vehicles, this will be the case, as lorries will continue to use diesel.

Even sitting in a car is bad for our health, because we are sedentary as a habit and we are breathing in the plastics and the pollutants via the air con. Not moving induces diabetes and obesity. Not exercising or socialising increases mental health problems. Nice has told the government that cycling and walking must be first choice of travel for everyone.

On top of this, we all know just how inconsiderate many car drivers and passengers are, don't we? Every motorway and road in the UK is strewn with rubbish thrown from cars. Guess where this will fall?

Got it! Straight into the river. Bye bye fish. Bye bye otters. Bye bye swans. Hello Doctor.  

Thousands of tonnes of CO2 (that’s carbon dioxide) will be released through the building of the bypass. The cement industry is one of the 2 largest producers of CO2. The amount of CO2 released will be doubled by the traffic on the road when it is built.

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